About Us


WomenCabs.Com - An initiative of R2R ventures established in 2014, led by a team of professionals is committed to uplift the lives of women, especially from rural areas and who have undergone / undergoing through various struggles in their life. Today, we are the largest women driven cabs service provider in the employee transport category across India, with successful operations at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.We are committed to bring in equality for women by creating and providing them with unconventional job opportunities and bringing them into the mainstream as “Mini Entrepreneurs”.

Our Drivers: Our drivers are handpicked motived girls who want to be role model for many women who want to take up non-conventional jobs i.e. Cab Driving. These girls undergo extensive driving training including vehicle maintenance, soft skills, communications, customer handling, last but not the least self-defence training all arranged for and closely supervised by us. All the above trainings are imparted to the girls by specialists, which ensure their all-round fitness for the job. WomenCabs.com is working with many NGOs and identified more than 350 girls who are from rural and weaker economic section of the society, who are being trained by us with the association of Maruti Driving School and being moulded into women cabbies.