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WomenCabs.Com (An initiative of R2R Ventures LLP) has been a pioneer of women driven cabs services in Bangalore since 2014. Founding team has reached out more than 300 women in and around Bangalore and evidently helped in empowering the lives of these women. Most of our drivers have had difficult and horrible experiences in their lives. They are not only the sole-bread winners of the family but also role models for the society. Our women are the true role models who solely take care of their family and are financially independent and provide a good future for their children and family. These women are proud daughters and mothers who have accepted a non-conventional job and created a new safer India.

WomenCabs.Com is working toward dual aim – Women Empowerment & Women Safety. And reaching out as many as women as possible and create an army of women drivers across multiple cities of India. It is our endeavour to make our service more viable, visible and available. In this unique women empowerment journey, we urge you all to be part of this wonderful initiative and help us to make a better and safer India.

With you support and help, WomenCabs.Com will definitely become the multi-city service provider and emerge as Safest public commuting option for our daughters/ sisters, mothers and all women folks. If you want to be the part of the life changing experience and want to encourage women empowerment, join us by supporting and sponsoring a women cabs driver or by donating a car.

Write to us at: or call us 990-247-4455 / 7022978507