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Women Empowerment

To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move

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We are living in the 21st century, with enchanted lifestyles, made even more interesting with the

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Who we are

Womencabs.com is an initiative of R2R Ventures LLP. R2R Ventures came into existence when a group

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WomenCabs.com, initiative of R2R Ventures LLP is a unique public transport service platform, which

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Who we are

Womencabs.com is an initiative of R2R Ventures LLP. R2R Ventures came into existence when a group of professionals came together with a common intent of empowering women, especially from the weaker section of the society, and enabling them to provide safe and reliable specialised services catering exclusively to other women folks. The founders are professionals with more than 100+ years of collective experience in fields of Human Resource, Consulting, Defence (Army), Technology, Transport and Education. The diverse background of founders is further augmented by industry experts, women counsellors and NGOs who are actively involved in the initiative.

The first such initiative of R2R venture is to provide safe and reliable transport services to the women across the cities and towns. Thus, the move to have cabs / taxis being driven by women catering exclusively to the women commuters.

Our Drivers: Our drivers are handpicked motived girls who want to be role model for many women who want to take up non-conventional jobs i.e. Cab Driving. These girls undergo extensive driving training including vehicle maintenance, soft skills, communications, customer handling, last but not the least self-defence training all arranged for and closely supervised by us. All the above trainings are imparted to the girls by specialists, which ensure their all-round fitness for the job. For instance, the intensive driving training curriculum is designed by experts with many decades of professional training experience and the training is imparted under close supervision of seasoned lady drivers who have nearly 50+ years of collective experience. Similarly, the self-defence training is being imparted to the drivers by ex-defence personnel, which would ensure that the drivers, in addition to taking care of themselves, could also protect their women passengers from any untoward incidents.

R2R ventures is creating job opportunities and also providing technology platform which will enable these women cab drivers to earn their livelihood in a dignified manner. Almost all the women drivers with us have been victims of various horrifying circumstances brought upon them by the society in the past, which they would like to forget and get on with their lives. Through this initiative, we would endeavour to improve the lives of more such women with unfortunate past, which would be a true example of women empowerment. If you’d also like to take up this challenge and make a change in the lives of such strong willed women, we welcome you to join this movement and be part of this game changing initiative.

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WomenCabs.com, initiative of R2R Ventures LLP is a unique public transport service platform, which provides safe and secure transport solution to women commuters and their families. To be specific, womencabs.com provide below services:

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At WomenCabs, we are committed towards women empowerment and creating unconventional jobs for them. Every day we face new challenges as we strive to be the best in the business. We know that we can only do that with an empowered, enterprising team. We are looking forward for the girls who are highly motivated and willing to work in challenging environment of continuous learning. Want to join us? Write to us at careers@womencabs.com


BENGALURU: Sushma wanted a cab to go to the airport at 3 am, but was scared to call any of the cab aggregators as she felt it was not safe for a single woman to ride in them in the dead of the night. After a reference from a friend, she called the WomenCabs, which was launched in the city on April 3 to cater exclusively to women and families.

Soon after the call, a high-end car arrived at Sushma’s doorstep with a woman chauffeur, donning a black T-shirt, behind the wheels and a woman security guard to give her protection.

An initiative of R2R (Rozi to Roti) Ventures, the woman-only service has 65 drivers and a fleet of five cabs. You can order a cab through email, app or a phone call. Mr Shailendra Singh, founder, R2R, said, “The cabs are fitted with an SMS-based trip tracker service that enables a woman commuter to send messages about her location and other details to her friends and relatives. The updates are sent once every 15 minutes.”

To ensure the safety of women commuters and drivers, the cabs are fitted with GPS tracking devices, microphones and panic buttons, which can alert the control room in case of any incident. The company has five mobile quick response teams consisting of two ex-army men who can be deployed anywhere in the city.

It also runs a special service for pregnant women who need immediate medical assistance. The women drivers, who are trained to deal with such emergencies, are rushed to the spot. WomenCabs is planning to increase its fleet to 25 cabs by June-end. Under its next phase, the company is planning to seek the help of a few city NGOs to provide jobs to transgenders.

Extensive training

The women drivers have been put through a rigorous training programme of 14 months in batches of 12 under the supervision of ex-army men. Apart from driving skills, the drivers are also trained in vehicle maintenance, self-defence, customer interaction and communication. They can not only take care of themselves but also their women passengers, if the need arises.